On the 12th of May six friends and I will be rowing around the Isle of Wight. It will also be a gorgeous sunny day!

It’s all a little bit exciting, (when I say a little I quite often mean very!). I have a new challenge to grasp hold of. I’ve got to get myself fit, I’ve got to learn how to row a bit better (luckily we have a coach booked for that!), I’ve got to learn how to row in coastal waters (I’m hoping he might teach us that too!) and I’ve got to learn how to cox (this should be easy right, keep the island on the left, or will it be the right? Good job we have that coach!)

We have already been through the pain of picking training dates and our rowing dates, and believe me, it was painful! I’ve heard a few people say that when taking on a expedition the hardest thing is getting to the start line! Whilst I wouldn’t call this an expedition I can definitely see where they are coming from!

So between now and  the 12th of May we have three training sessions, the first is in less than six weeks… did I say I need to get fit?!

But we have one small problem… we need more rowers to join our merry crew. Here comes a very big hint, watch out for it because you might miss it…. it could be you!

The gang so far…

HeatherHeather did a leg of the Clipper race last year and as far as I can tell has been up to mischief ever since (and way before that I suspect!) if its a run, Tough Mudder or sailing its got Heather’s name on the list, if she can wear reindeer antlers or some kind of costume she’s probably got her name down twice! Heather has been unwavering in her commitment to this row which is truly lovely and I know she will make me giggle throughout the day.

TashaTasha is another Clipperite (someone who has taken part in the Clipper Round the World Race), I have sailed with Tasha’s husband Ryan but know Tasha best in the virtual world! Tasha is the writer of the awesome Turf to Surf blog and always seems to be on an adventure. She is scarily fit and could probably row around that island all by herself. Oooh, maybe we should get her to do that and the rest of us can just enjoy the ride!

BellsBells & I studied engineering at uni together and have had some great times camping, yurting, walking and hanging out together ever since. This summer we took on the Tour de Mont Blanc with some friends and a thoroughly lovely time we had. Anything that involves Bells is so much better for her being there so I’m very excited she’s joining us.

SamAnd me – errr, I will probably be being seasick for lots of the row, I promise not to be sick in the boat!

So what are YOU doing on Tuesday the 12th of May?

  • Maybe you’ve set yourself a new year’s resolution to get fit? I can guarantee this will give you an awesome kick in the right direction!
  • Maybe you don’t like new year’s resolutions but love rowing
  • Maybe you always planned to row around an island in May 2015? Well what a coincidence, I’m here to make it easier for you!
  • Maybe you have always wanted to visit the Isle of Wight? Well why not check it out from a boat first before venturing onto land!
  • Maybe you just fancy an adventure and would like do something other then going to work one Tuesday?

Well here’s your chance!

If you would love to join us for this row, or are maybe just a tiny bit interested in knowing more then please get in touch. This challenge is ready made and ready to rock so why not get involved?!