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Hello and welcome to my website, thanks for dropping by.


Adventures, I love them! Even the word adventure is pretty exciting; conjuring up images of fun, exploring, daring do, maybe a bit of hardship and no doubt oodles of happy memories.


If you fancy having more adventures in your life keep reading..

When I set up Daydreaming Adventure I was too close to the end of 9 months of happy travel time that had included sailing across oceans, walking in the mountains and exploring then exploring some more! I didn’t want to return to life as I knew it and was dreaming of my next adventure. Fast forward to January 2016 and the adventures continue, I’ve recently quit my job, moved to Sydney and am excited by the possibilities of what comes next.
Adventure is infectious so I’m surrounding myself with a bunch of like minded folk, happy to dream crazy then to set about making it reality. And I’ve got a few ways to help us do just that;

Birthday Challenges

Take on an exciting challenge to achieve before your next birthday. You set the challenge, your birthday sets the timeframe and I’m here along with a bunch of fellow people to support you.