Hello & thanks for dropping by. If you’re an adventurer (wanabee, newbee, part time, full time, been there done that and got a tale to tell) then you’re in the right place! Even more so if you are looking for someone to share the adventure inspiration, plotting, fun & excitement!

Adventures - the beginning is just a dream

Adventures are often associated with the outdoors, travel & physical challenge and those ones are truly awesome! But I’m expanding the definition a little to includes the other “adventures” I’m on at the moment; career change, country change (hello Sydney :-)), and a self-build adventure (that’s right we are going to build a house!).   If it makes you feel equally excited & nervous, has more highs and lows then a roller coaster and you often wonder what on earth you are thinking then that sounds like an adventure to me!

Daydreaming Adventure will (hopefully*) give you;

  • a push in the right direction,
  • an adventure resource (if I don’t know know the answer I will find someone who does)
  • inspiration,
  • ideas &
  • like-minded adventurers to get plotting new adventures with…

….. so please hang around and see what its all about!

*Hopefully? What?! Well I’m pretty new at this so I need your help to make sure I achieve these lofty aims! That’s right, I need you to help keep my adventure in tact. Because adventures can be taken solo or with friends or with soon to be friends but sometimes we all need a little inspiration and help to pull them off.

September 2014: Daydreaming Adventure was born!

Daydreaming Adventure came about through a birthday challenge! Whilst away with friends for a yurt weekend for my 29th birthday I was panicking about the next years big birthday and not having achieved enough in my life to be 30. My friend Ben suggested I sail around the world; I laughed! But somewhat surprisingly from January to July 2014 I found myself sailing from Australia to London as part of the Clipper Round the World Race! The mere suggestion by Ben saw me taking on this big adventure that I wouldn’t have even contemplated if it weren’t for him. I tried it out with a couple of friends; and it worked! And so the Birthday Challenge was born!

When I set up Daydreaming Adventure I was in Basel, Switzerland, too close to the end of 9 months of extremely happy travel time that had included sailing across oceans with Clipper (my first birthday challenge!), walking the Tour de Mont Blanc and exploring then exploring some more! I didn’t want to return to life as I knew it and was dreaming of my next adventure.

My aim for Daydreaming Adventure was, & still is, to inspire and encourage others to take on their own adventures. whilst making sure I kept a healthy dose of adventure in my own life.

My recent adventures

I don’t consider myself an adventurer, putting myself somewhere between the wanabee & newbee category and I’m definitely only a part-timer. But I have pulled off a few adventures that have made me smile and am keen to make adventure a bigger part of my life. And it seems to be working: In 2015 I managed to get a few more adventures in; (almost) rowing around the Isle of Wight, the 3 Peaks Challenge, a week in Ruby the Campervan in the Lake District, and some lovely walking and cycling in the Chilterns. I however didn’t manage my goal of cycling the Chiltern Cycleway or get anywhere near enough camping in, there’s always room for improvement!

Sailing into Sydney

Sailing into Sydney

2016 also got off to a good start, arriving in Sydney just in time to see the new year then flying to Hobart to deliver a Clipper boat back to Sydney.  I now feel privileged to have some awesome new playgrounds on my doorstep; Centennial Park, the coast, Sydney Harbour & of course the sights of Sydney itself.

I need to complete a Birthday Challenge by October and am hoping to drag a few friends along with me so who knows what other adventures may pop up!

A few of my favourite things: camping, friends, sunshine, tea & cake for breakfast!

A few of my favourite things: camping, friends, sunshine, tea & cake for breakfast!



Beyond adventures I’m not a big fan of talking about myself (kind of tricky on an about me page!) but I do love a list so instead I’ve written a list of things I love*!

In no particular order.. avocadoes, flip flops, sunshine, Fridays, people watching, lattes, icecream in a mug, smiling, walking, camping, hammocks, dogs, the sea, singing even though I can’t sing, mountains, campfires, travel & hollibobs, naps, mojitos, walks along the coast, friends, swimming outdoors … and of course adventures!

*Disclaimer this is in no way a complete list!

PS. writing a “things I love list” is a really great way to cheer yourself up if your feeling a bit down!

If you want to know even more about me then you had better get in touch!

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