Ok ok so I’m quite possibly a bit early with this one, but hey, why not! One of my new adventures for this year is learning about how to help people move forwards in their lives. I’ve found my course (A Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching & Interpersonal Facilitation in case you are wondering!) and I am nervously & excitedly waiting for it to start. I’m hoping to use my experience of career change, location change & taking on adventures as well as my new fangled coaching skills to help awesome people like you turn their dreams into reality.

Why am I telling you this? Because come October I’m told I will be ready to be released on the unsuspecting public and will need some guinea pigs to practise on! So if you fancy some free coaching (and are prepared to wait until October for it!) please let me know then I can get some more details out to you once I’m a bit further down the track.

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