Leanne is an awesome friend, who I lived with in New Zealand too many years ago to count. We almost fell out over an episode of Shortland Street shortly after meeting but luckily friendship won out! This Friday (& Saturday, and Sunday!) Leanne will be climbing some mountains (3 to be precise) for her Birthday Challenge. I finally pinned Leanne (and myself) down for long enough to answer some questions before the big weekend hits us, nothing like a just-in-time interview!

It’s now only a few days until the big event, how are you feeling? 
I’m slightly apprehensive and don’t feel as if I’m fit enough, there’s a lack of hills in Portsmouth so I hope I have done enough training. But I’m also massively looking forward to being in beautiful countryside and achieving something that I was set 2 years ago, I’m excited!

What have you done so far to get to this point?
I’ve walked up lots of hills locally including the Seven Sisters, Winchester Hills, St Catherine’s Hill and Queen Elizabeth Park. I’ve been working out at the gym, building muscle and doing cardio. I’ve been drinking gin, that helps and opening champagne bottles, I am really good at opening a bottle of champagne now so am completely ready to celebrate the finish! I’ve been practising selfies for the top of each peak and might have gone overboard on the safety aspect, reflective gloves, first aid kit, blister things, knee support (etc etc, the interviewer might have stopped paying attention!). I’ve also booked accommodation, the hire car and flights.

What do you think will be the hardest part?
When my knees corrode and erode into nothing, that’s going to be hard. Possibly dying, that might be difficult and having a really rubbish sense of direction, we might end up going down when we should be going up! Also the battery on my phone might not last and that selfie might not happen, that would be sad.

What are you most looking forward to?
Completing it and the sense of achievement that all that hard work was totally worth it. I’m looking forward to the amazing countryside and amazing views, its going to be amazing! (I think Leanne likes the word amazing, she will want me to change this, I wonder if I should let her!)

How are you going to celebrate!
With champagne! I’ve also got the next day off work, to sleep then I’m having a massage, hair and nails done (lovely!)

Any last thoughts?
You only live once, so I’m glad I’m doing this crazy thing which I wouldn’t be doing if it weren’t for you (ooh, I think that’s me, thanks Leanne!)

So it sounds like there’s going to be a whole lot of champagne, and a whole lot of fun! Fingers crossed Leanne’s knees hold out and I will be back to report how we got on.

Leanne practising her posing in Queen Elizabeth Park!

Leanne practising her posing in Queen Elizabeth Park!