The countdown has slipped by from months to weeks, and now to days. So with our Isle of Wight row nearly upon us am I feeling ready?  Hell no!

The surgical spirit for toughening my hands is still sat looking at me in its unopened bottle. I still need to get some seasickness patches. For me pilates was a bit of a 3 hit wonder. My 5k row is still sitting obstinately over 23 minutes despite my best attempts to bring it down. The rowing technique YouTube videos remain unwatched.. the list could go on (and on! ). Whilst I am fitter I haven’t turned into the super strong,  fit rower I envisaged in my mind’s eye. Remarkably I haven’t even grown 6 inches into a rowers stature!

But the important thing is that we are going to do it anyway. We may not be the most elegant, seasoned crew but I’m convinced that sheer determination and stuborness (and flapjacks!) will get us round. Its going to be tough and no doubt at times painful but I’m going to give it my very best shot.

So if you’re thinking about putting something off because you’re not yet ready the truth is you never will be!  The mind is very good at coming up with the ideal scenario and what needs to be done to get there, however a lack of time, other commitments,  basically life in general, has a tendency of getting in the way. So don’t worry about being perfect, just get on and do it and don’t let not being ready stop you achieving what you have set out to do.

Our row will be taking place on Tuesday 12th of May and it should take us about 12 hours to cover the 60 miles. We are fundraising for RNLI and would be very grateful for any donations to this great charity

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